number plate

UK most expensive number plate to date came in at £518,000!

The price tag of £518,000 was attributed to the UK Private Reg “25 o”, which was once owned by Eric Clapton before being sold at auction to be proudly displayed on a rare Ferrari 250 SWB. So, the question is, what’s all the fuss about and are there really enough reasons to justify the cost? Well, stats show that over 334,000 plates were sold by the DVLA last year, which means a large proportion of people must believe so. Here are a few of the benefits to a private number plate that we think help give an insight into why.

Make a Statement.

Displaying a personalised number plate is often used as a way to make your car more individual, those seeking alternative ways to show off their personality can choose unique combinations such as S3 XXY, D4 RTS, PUB to express personality traits, hobbies or even occupations. It’s a much easier way to make your car your own than some of the more hands on and tricky car modifications, so we can certainly see the appeal if individuality is your thing.

An Investment.

Private reg numbers are often seen on big, expensive cars and part of the reason for that is that those that have a little spare cash left over often see them as a good investment. In today’s economic climate it can be tricky to find good ways to invest, especially when savings ratings are low and there is a certain level of economic uncertainty in the UK. So we can see why private registration plates can be seen as a good investment. Certain plates, referred to as ‘cherished plates’ can see a really good profit margin, for example 1997 saw 2NJS sold for £3,300 and in 99’we saw 3NJS (and equivalent plate) go for £5,800. With some good research and analysis to try and predict up and coming trends, theirs is certainly some investment potential here.

A Beautiful Modification to a Classic Car.

Those with a love for cars are forever purchasing accessories and tinkering with their prized possession, in fact some stats show that some people could actually purchase a decent sized property for what they spend on their car in just a year! But when it comes to beautiful classics, fanatics want more than just another accessory for your car. The right modifications to vintage classics can make all the difference and really give them that extra air of class. We think that a Private number plate, done right, is one of the easiest and most effective modifications that can be made. Some stunning examples include those reflecting the make and model, the cars release date or one beautiful classic car (used for business purposes) has JUSTWED, which makes a really unique feature.

A Great Gift.

Purchasing private number plates isn’t just for the star studded, wealthy, and car enthusiasts though. They can also make the perfect gift for births, christenings, special birthdays and so forth. It is always difficult to find a truly unique gift (because who needs 17 silver money boxes really?) and there is nothing more personalised or unique than individually selecting the perfect combination on a personalised reg for your friend or loved one. We know of a couple of people who have selected initials and year of birth when their child has been born so that they can hand it over to them on their 18th as a really special and thoughtful gift and its a really touching reason for a private reg purchase.

Excellent arguments can be made for getting a personalised number plate and, despite there being some with those astonishingly high price tags, you can still get your hands on them for a modest budget, with some going for as little as £250. If you need some more inspiration the clip below shows some examples of how the most expensive plates look in person.